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Beyond 60/40 Ep. 20: Wealth Tech, Market Optimism, and AI Innovation

On episode 20 of Beyond 60/40, Anastasia Amoroso, iCapital Chief Investment Strategist, discusses three reasons for continued market optimism and why both public and private markets should be considered for higher potential returns in her Private Market Pulse segment. Then, Kristen Bitterly, Head of Investment Solutions at Citi Global Wealth, stops by the studio to talk about their new partnership with iCapital on the Citi Wealth Alternative Investment Funds Library and the adoption of alternatives within the private wealth sector. Also, trends, optimism, and strategies to navigate the next phase of the market and the next wave of innovation are part of the conversation. Lastly, Griff Norville, Head of Technology Solutions at Hamilton Lane, joins to share how AI innovation increases efficiency in portfolios and how data transparency and the embrace of new technologies can lead to success. Submit your alternative investment questions to to be answered on a future episode.

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